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Family Therapy

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Price Varies
  • Online Session

Service Description

Oh, we all love to bicker about our families from time to time. Some do so to a smaller and some to a larger extent. But, next time you bicker, ask yourself if you would be the same person if you had a different family, even if everything else remained the same. Try to discover some positive qualities of your family and/or some positive traits your family has given you (intentionally or unintentionally). Even at times when there is the feeling that the family is a source of negative experiences, there is always something positive about it or about how it contributed into making you YOU today. That being said, our relationship with our family is a continuous work-in-progress and we should always strive to improve it. At The Mental Health Centre, we work both with the individual members of the family as well as the family as a whole. As humans, we learn, adopt, and reproduce our family’s healthy and unhealthy responses to certain situations, known as patterns. Thus, our responses to stress, depression, addiction etc., are dependent on our family’s responses to similar circumstances. One of our fundamental goals for family therapy at The Mental Health Centre is to identify and unlearn the unhealthy family habits and replace them with healthy ones. Together, we make sure your family is promoting and establishing a healthy mindset for its members. We will also work on strengthening the adhesiveness of the family dynamics, which is the glue to the family’s interactions. We will teach you how to compliment each family member’s needs having as an axis their unique character. This will eventually lead to fruitful communication ground, allowing the individual growth of the family’s members as well as the growth of the family as a whole. Here, at The Mental Health Centre, we will treat your family as our family, giving you effective tools to unlock your family’s full potential. Our door is always open, whenever you are ready, knock! Topics of family counseling can include, but are not limited to: Family therapy for myself (in relation to my family) Family therapy for my family Teenage counseling Parenting and attachment counseling COVID-19

Contact Details

13 Vere Court, Westbourne Gardens, Bayswater London W2 5PT, UK

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