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There were a couple of second unit shots where I literally just could not be in two places at one time. Why are we spending more visual effects money on this fucking movie?. At the very end, we staged the nuclear bombs, and we had everyone run out to the street. Cops are suppose to hold the line between chaos and civilized society. We rented two Sony HD cameras. Its a silly line of dialogue on one level. Dr. John Michael Dorian is in constant dialogue with himself. Freaks & Geeks, The Class, Undeclared, etc.) I was going to maybe take a nap, and these German tourists suddenly parted ways in front of me. In a 2011 interview withWiredmagazine, Timberlake confessed that Southland Tales is performance art. I was able to map out the choreography and the style from reading the script and hearing Richard talk about Justins character, what he was going through, what this kind of music-video-like number was that we were doing. I love it.. So in the prequel, you see all of that, all the characters, all that stuff, drama unfolding over those three days in animationits literally the characters animatedand then it takes Boxer all the way to the point where, on the early morning of July 3rd, he wakes up on the beach. Elliot's instability makes the journey all the more thrilling. Johnsons character, Boxer Santaros, serves as a riff on actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger, a major action star with heavy ties to establishment Republican politics. And she uses like garden shears, and she cuts my thumb off, and then blood sprays everywhere. 2023 BuzzFeed, Inc. All rights reserved. You have to jump from location to location, and this is a movie with a lot of big, complicated, expensive locations, very public locations. And they were shooting this kind of rally with Cheri Oteris character. Richard Kelly: After 9/11, that image felt much more weighted. WebA narrator who is limited to reporting in third person on only one character can do so close or from a distance. I was so excited for those guys. Through interior monologue, the narrator shows himself to be cynical and insensitive, especially to the poetry written by his wife.He is jealous of her ex-husband from her previous marriage, though that marriage was a miserable experience for her, and he is especially You're screwed unless she asks about Bush or the bald assistant president who has all those heart attacks.". "Sometimes a crime of passion is not realizing the passion in time," the narrator tells us in Season 1. But I will be working on this. Southland Tales is the second film fromRichard Kelly, released five years after his cult hitDonnie Darko. We know he'll be okay. And Richard went to Dee and saidbecause Dee was a filmmakerHey, were just looking for stuff to put on the DVD, as extras, because this was still the boom time of DVDs and bonus features. Marguerite Derricks: We went to the arcade for Justins number, and I saw where we would be shooting. And I was going back to the car. I mean, we couldnt even afford to show the SUV going through the time rift at the end, with the flashback of what happens in the desert. By joining TV Guide, you agree to our Terms of Use and acknowledge the data practices in our Privacy Policy. Priscilla Elliott: The first thing we did was set up all the research and the vision boards, finding references of all the tattoos, and what the different mechanisms might work and look like in the tanks. We have no money and we need art students to come in and work for free. So we found these two wonderful art students. Priscilla Elliott, assistant art director: Did Richard tell you about the original ending? Claire Danes' voice-overs are like diary entries that you might have actually written at the ripe age of 15, anxious and semi-hopeful without becoming maudlin. In 1994, when then-Congresswoman Olympia Snowe decided not to seek re-election to the U.S. House of Representatives for Maine's 2nd congressional district, Zirnkilton sought to replace her. I know a lot of people were really offended by the car. And we went to dinner and we talked about it and he walked me over to a video store. And I was like, No, I didnt know that. And then hes like, Yeah, youre in like four scenes and then Cheri Oteris going to murder you by running you over with her car while youre on off-road rollerblades. And Im like, Oh! And the AD looks to Richard across the room, and hes like, Richard, did you not tell Todd hes in the movie? And Richards like, Oh, right! Before anyone laid eyes on 12-year-old Kevin Arnold, we were greeted with the sound of his wise voice. The prosthetic makeup on Amy Poehler and Wood Harris, he did the scarring on Justin Timberlake and Seann, the bloody eye at the endLou is a very gifted makeup artist. Hes so in command of his entire body, and all of that training from working in pro-wrestling, and delivering those huge monologues, and doing very precise acrobatics and hitting all those marks. It had cognitive abilities, and it was this sort of mutant telepathic cow beast that had been engineered by this group of media technicians and scientists who come in to oversee the cows unveiling to the world. Through the intense first-person experience seen in the Fincher-esque "Mr. My trick of how to make it authentic looking is [that] we brought [child actors] in early that morning, and we taught them how to operate the Sony cameras. Weve got a charred mold of Dwayne that we made. Its a partial mold of his bodyit might have been [from] Scorpion King. That was probably the happiest moment of my film life. I decided to have a midnight bocce ball tournament, and I got these glow-in-the-dark, light-up bocce balls that you would put batteries in, and they would just blink. Producers were like, Okay, the first few nights at Cannes, at the parties, start handing out the books to journalists and film critics, give them copies of the book so they can start to see what were trying to do. And they tried! A lot of his books were set in Southern California, and involved alternate realities and time travel and hallucinogenic future drugs and Orwellian government. The show first season centers on the experiences and interactions of patrol officers and detectives, and is more a character-driven drama than a police procedural. We were just like, Were just going to shoot our comedy club show for this movie and were going to have cameras there. And I think we signed releases and stuff, but we had Cheri Oteri and a lot of the Groundling actors there, and we shot a neo-Marxist comedy show where everyone had the Digits For Democracy shirts and the posters. "Everyone always says the same shit at funerals," George states in the pilot. Were just going to go for it.. Our schedule had to be what it was. She may also, its revealed in the films accompanying graphic novels, be genuinely psychic. The actings fun, the overall visual qualityis good outside of some awful 2005-era CGI, and the soundtrack is great. And if its a safe leap. Is the American dream flirting with self-destruction? You can read so much into it. "The original inspiration, I think, was the T.S. Well, who are the pimps, you know? The most well-known piece of fiction that employs second-person narration might be Jay McInerneys novel Bright Lights, Big City. It kind of let everyone sort of warm up into the movie. It was so great. One of the films most repeated lines is Pimps dont commit suicide, which is spoken by Boxer Santaros/Jericho Cane in reference to the films complicated body-double plot, and then becomes the final piece of Timberlakes narration as the time-split Roland/Ronald Taverner clasp hands, initiatingpossiblythe end of the world. But what makesSouthland Talesso entertaining is just how unique and bizarre it is. What do you think I am, the King of LA. Hes like, You know what? In 2020, Kelly began talking about his plans to reinvent the Southland Tales prequel chapters as a second film, that would serve as a companion piece to the original. Theres like three of us. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. This is one complicated guy, undercutting his loneliness by hacking acquaintances' personal accounts. Oh, gosh, Ive written this apocalyptic conclusion to my L.A. crime caper. Speaking to IndieWire in 2019, Johnson recalled I took it in the gut. As Kelly later said, We were just walking into a shredder. Oh no! Your culture and entertainment cheat-sheet. Hes our doomsday narrator. So the second I realized the musical number was working, my gut wasI had already made that decision, but I hadnt asked Justin yet. The first three chapters are just as essential as the latter chapters, four through six. Barring the iffy Netflix revival, this show famously didn't survive three seasons of murky ratings, partly because its format was novel when "Development" premiered in 2003. He also stars in the best sequence of the whole film, in which he has a serious drug trip and imagines himself in a music video singing The Killers All These Things That Ive Done with all kinds of weird Americana imagery. She says once you get on the bang bus, you never get off, with the same kind of tone someone might use while talking about genocide. Rodeo, Florence, Vermont), while scenery is nowhere near the real life locations. Were going to make this an NC-17-rated car commercial.. For someone so indecisive, no one reflects on her relationships or a day at work as eloquently as Meredith Grey. Richard Kelly: I think Seann was the first actor to get on board the film, to play the twins. Now streaming It was a lot of improv and just letting them run with stuff, and then we shot the music video at the end with them dancing on the beach. Is there any footage of elephants mating? And they found this piece. [12][13] Zirnkilton narrated Ruby Ridge: Anatomy of a Tragedy on Investigation Discovery. Its become something more exciting and more sophisticated and more cinematic. Heres how you do the autofocus, heres how you record. During the three hours of the barbecue, we sent the kids out to capture footage. I worked so hard on it. [8] He later settled in Seal Harbor, Maine. Hes a very chill, cool leader. We came back from Sundance really depressed, because we had no Dwayne has so many different kinds of movie stars inside of him. So kudos to him. And then that kind of tied everything together, with the time rift in the energy system of this alternative fuel system, and the whole thing started to kind of make sense in my mind, this big, sprawling, interconnected story, that tied in religion and politics, and Orwellian surveillance and the impending election of 2008. Hes done dozens of movies, huge blockbuster movieshe did Mulholland Drive for David Lynch. I had a really great first AD named Mark Cotone, one of the best in the business. One is the 2008 stuff, in the three days that lead up to Boxer, Krysta, the Taverner twinsa lot of the characters are out in Lake Mead in Las Vegas, and then they all come to L.A. It was me finding the movie. And I remember being up in the middle of the night, refreshing websites to see the reviews start coming in. It just felt like there was this kinship, and it just felt like these were some of my favorite people. One of Southland Tales most memorable moments remains a car commercial for a fictional, alternative fuel source SUV, the Treer Saltair. Across four seasons of NBC's successful comedy, his internal monologue tells us things like, "I knew something was wrong because no self-respecting man would ever turn down a talking monkey." Release CalendarTop 250 MoviesMost You don't know anything about politics! Marguerite Derricks: When I got the original script, it was almost like a musical. The Your mom's a tough lady. Thats the universe that your movie exists in, the Kiss Me Deadly universe.. Though unidentified until the series finale, Gossip Girl -- via the preppy sounds of Kristen Bell -- reports on the happenings of the Upper East Side's bourgeois prep-school social scene. You know, Ill dedicate the rest of my life trying to make it happen. So it is sort of like my career was just getting off the ground as a filmmaker in 2001, and going to Sundance with my first film, and then seeing the world just so drastically shift. Every episode of "Desperate Housewives" begins with the polished Mary Alice Young recounting the events of Wisteria Lane. Howard Brand, 66. The humor is dark and biting. A lot of these decisions were being made on the fly, because had the musical number not worked, he would not have broken the fourth wall visually, therefore the narrator could have been someone else. They were talking about just taking the movie away from me and cutting it down to 90 minutes, with none of the pop songs that we had in the film. Then we threw a fake Fourth of July party at my uncles house, and it was, I think, May of 2005. And I just want a better future for Southland Tales. Death is inevitable, and in some ways beautiful, she reminds us. Evolving from its crime caper roots, Kellys ideas for Southland Tales began to expand. Because my character is in one of them, I have now been portrayed in a graphic novel. WebSteve Zirnkilton (born Stephen Morgan Zirnkilton; August 18, 1958) is an American voice actor and former politician from Maine. [9] Zirnkilton received a Legislative Sentiment for his work from Maine State Representative Chris Greeley. A subjective narrator's point of view can be: First person. Yeah, sure man, sure!. Zirnkilton grew up in York, Pennsylvania and spent summers in Maine. Institutions and surveillance and all of these ideas, so very much in the world of Philip K. Dick. Kind of a genius. An action-movie star named Boxer Santaros (Dwayne Johnson) is baffled when reality keeps mirroring the events in his script in Southland Tales. I remember I was on the phone with the gentleman from India with the elephant-fucking footage. Once Dwayne delivered itand he delivered it the way only Dwayne can deliver a line, because he can milk a line for every syllableI realized, okay, thats got to be the last line of the movie, because it has multiple meanings. She speaks of love's boundaries and setting secrets free and "forever stumbling, forever wondering, forever young." LikeDonnie Darko,Southland Talesis confusing and strange, though it is much more complex in scope. I felt like I had just caught lightning in a bottle, just getting to sit across from him in that restaurant. And I just kept building in layers of the story. Hed already turned down a few offers to helm franchise films for major studios; he was still driven by the urge to direct something that was his, an expression of his constantly expanding interests. We had the the SUV designed by Ron Cobb. And then an extortion attempt to try and get money out of this kind of crazed movie star, because these actors are very angry, and theyre just trying to do this as a way to lash out. TNT began negotiating a move from NBC shortly after the show cancellation, a process that took nearly a month. Southland Talesis an apocalyptic tale set in the future of 2008. Whats happening?. Southland (promotion-ally styled SOUTHLAND) is an American drama series created by writer Ann Biderman and produced by Warner Bros. Television. Zirnkilton is best known for providing the opening narration of all U.S. series in the Law & Order franchise.[6][7]. And we told everyone: We sent out fliers to the local [paper]and to the whole neighborhood, and said, Were going to host a fake Fourth of July barbecue for a major motion picture. Richard Kelly: I just I had so much fun with all the people working on it. Do you know the Michelin Man is white. Richard Kelly: It really means that I should just work in television for the rest of my career. Richard Kelly: And before we wrapped that night, it was literally a 16- to 18-hour night at the Santa Monica Pier. Years active. Those little glowing orbs, like the one that The Rock finds on the zeppelin at the endthat was just from my bocce ball set. So I was just begging. I didn't know. You know, not only is it a reference to Boxer not killing himself in the desert, but theres also the greater meaning at the end of the movie with Roland and Ronald not committing suicide and denying the world the resurrection and the magical handshake that saved the world. Im getting ready to go to Boston to shoot my big Warner Bros. movie thats hopefully going to salvage my career. Its the bigger, completed version of Southland Tales that Ive been working to try and complete. Part of what makesSouthland Talesso interesting is its complexity and the confusion it creates. Zirnkilton was the narrator for TLC's Code Blue: New Orleans and the syndicated series Arrest & Trial. I just dont want it to always be this compromised, unfinished thing. Four years earlier, he had watched his debut feature, a bizarre blend of 80s needle drops, teen angst, and high-concept science fiction called Donnie Darko, first bomb at the box office, and then miraculously un-bomb, gaining a second life through midnight screenings and DVDs. I always told him, if I was going to get a vanity plate for your car, thatd be what it was: SCP CRP. Zirnkilton was the narrator for TLC 's Code Blue: New Orleans and the syndicated series Arrest & Trial. He has been the announcer for the Kennedy Center Honors, and for the past seventeen years he has been the onstage announcer for the Top Cops Awards in Washington, D.C.. Many of her rumors teeter somewhere between speculative and vicious, but that's what makes it all so delicious. And they were working on getting the pyrotechnics and everything to work for the gag. Each viewing offers new insight, plus the chance to look for the many socio-political, literary, and musical Easter eggs Kelly in the film. The people who financed the movie just did not understand it. I was like, Give me more, I want more SNL people. I think he was nervous about doing that, but he went for it. And [the producers are] like, Well, Richard, how are you going to show the nuclear attack? Well do it as a Fourth of July barbecue. But we were still closing the financing, and theyre like, We cant fly second unit and shoot 35 millimeter, thats going to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars., So I paid for it myself. He was like, This sounds awesome. As it happened, Kelly was sitting on a self-penned script he thought might make for the ideal sophomore picture: A satirical tale that had begun life as a story about failed actors kidnapping a movie star, but which had been transformed by the directors own post-9/11 anxieties into something much more expansive, biblical, and strange. You dont want people going like, Its fine. Confused yet? I was leaning hard into that. The line about, Scientists are saying the future will be far more futuristic than originally predicted. The way Sarah delivers that line, its for laughs, and its ridiculous, but it kind of encapsulates the whole movie. WebSouthland - Full Cast & Crew 77 Metascore 2009 -2013 5 Seasons NBC Drama TV14 Watchlist Where to Watch A rookie and a seasoned no-nonsense cop are at the center of And it didnt seem like it was going well. We had one hour to get those SWAT vehicles on and off some of the most expensive, high-security real estate in all of Los Angeles. And the way we were shooting it, I put a modern edge on the ending when theyre all dancing around Justina little bit more of an aggressive edge of the choreography as its starting to kind of wind down. Ah, the dulcet tones of Laura Dern's spiritually awakened narrations on "Enlightened." We couldn't help but wonder, who is the best? The first draft was very much like an L.A. crime caper. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. When they shot that, I was three blocks away, shooting the ATM being ripped out of the wall. I need for it to have more socio-political weight behind the story, and I need to make this thing mor


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