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idm will log all successful and failed downloads, the latter of which can be viewed via website for the most current information. you can add an ftp server to the program to ensure all your file transfers are handled in a secure fashion. if you use a proxy, you can add it to the program, allowing idm to fully utilize the proxy to distribute your downloads across the internet.

idm will also allow you to schedule and manage the distribution of your downloads. they can be scheduled to be automatically run at a specified time, or the scheduler can be used to ensure downloads will be distributed evenly over a set number of days.

idm can also be configured to automatically resume and finish downloads that were interrupted in the middle of the process, or even run as a background task to ensure your download does not cause your computer to go into a power saving state.

idm offers a range of features to users, for example, you can use the built-in scheduler to ensure that all of your downloads are distributed evenly. and thanks to its unique and powerful scheduler, you can even ensure your downloads are distributed at a time of day that is most convenient for you. the scheduler can also ensure that downloads are given priority over other tasks in the system, such as antivirus scanning and system updates.


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