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How To Buy Sunglasses

Sunglasses that block harmful rays can help reduce the likelihood of sight-threatening eye conditions. With the beginning of summer come hot, bright and sunny days when you will most definitely find yourself in need of adequate eye protection. But how can you find the best sunglasses with so many options to choose from?

how to buy sunglasses

A helpful way to determine whether your sunglasses are dark enough is the mirror test. Simply look at yourself in a mirror with the glasses on. If you cannot see or can barely see your eyes through the lenses, the sunglasses are good to go, Gordon explains.

Our website allows you to buy branded sunglasses using your phone, tablet, or other internet-enabled device. Afterwards, you can sort by face shape (we've got a handy guide for those who aren't sure), brand name, price point, and basically anything else you can think of.

Regardless of why you fish, you will always need fishing sunglasses that protect your eyes from the wind, sea, and sun. Wondering what to look for to make sure yours are up to the task? Keep reading to find out the essential features and some top picks from our opticians.

The main purpose of frames is to keep your eyes fully protected so you can see with the utmost clarity. The main frame features that are a must in fishing sunglasses are coverage, the right materials, and fit.

To help with protection and to provide better coverage, many fishing sunglasses are offered as 8-base frame designs. An 8-base frame is another way to say it has a wrap around design with thicker temples. Thick temples make sure sunlight, wind, and various debris are fully blocked out. And with a full wrap, your sunglasses will feel like they aren't there, so you can focus on the task at hand.

Salty air and water create heavy moisture and cause corrosion, so you need your sunglasses to be durable. We recommend nylon for fishing because it can withstand extreme temperatures and maintain its shape, so you'll never have your sunglasses prematurely wearing out on you. It's also super lightweight.

To prevent a poor fit, find sunglasses that are the proper size (SportRx's SFW measurement can help with that!). The temples should be snug but not press against the side of your head, and have grip along the temples and nose bridge. These features keep your sunglasses optically aligned even if you get a huge tug on your line. For all-day use, an 8-base design maximizes comfort and makes sure the sunglasses will never fall off. Again, you'll want that nylon frame material that's lightweight and comfortable to wear for long periods.

The Costa Tuna Alley is a fantailed favorite for fishing sunglasses, but Costa's taken it even a step further with the PRO Series upgrade. Packed with all the features you need for the fishing trip of a lifetime, we dare you to find something about these you don't love.

The right sunglasses stand out as an important defense against ultraviolet (UV) rays that can cause both short- and long-term eye damage, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology in San Francisco, CA. The single-most important quality to look for when buying sunglasses to protect your eyes is a sticker or tag indicating that they block 100 percent of UV rays.

Sure, sunglasses protect your eyes and help you see, but they also lend an instant, undeniable cool factor to just about anyone. That cool factor is at its height when your sunglasses balance your features and look like they were made for your face. Bobbi Brown, makeup artist, glasses expert and author of the book Bobbi Brown: Everything Eyes, shares her top tips with Allure for finding flattering sunglasses for every face shape:

Oval: Most styles work well on this face shape, so you can mix it up," says Brown, citing cat eyes, Wayfarer-inspired frames, and round John Lennon-style glasses. Your main concern should be the size and the proportion to your features, cautions Brown: "If you have smaller features, avoid thick, large frames, as they'll overwhelm your face." To avoid a large gap between the sides of your face and your sunglasses, steer clear of frames that are too wide. "Choose glasses that are the same width as your face, not wider," adds Brown. Here are some of our favorite options for oval shaped faces.

SEE, the purveyor of the most eclectic eyewear in the country, is committed to marrying the highest quality materials with the most advanced designs in prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses and offering them at a true value. SEE's one of a kind collection of men's and women's prescription glasses can be found exclusively in our optical stores, along with the latest technology in prescription eyeglass and contact lenses.

Children under the age of 10 are at a high risk for skin and eye damage from UV rays. The skin on their eyelids and around their eyes is more delicate and vulnerable than adult skin. In addition, retinal exposure to UV rays is associated with cataracts and macular degeneration. Protect both the skin around the eye and the eye itself by buying quality sunglasses for your kids.

Make sure they cover a good portion of the eyes.When choosing sunglasses for your little one, you want to make sure that they also cover the sensitive areas of skin around their eyes. Even with larger lenses that covers directly above and below the eyes, you should apply a layer of sunscreen to act as a double layer of protection.

Buy durable shades.Children are active and should have sunglasses that can withstand their falls, scrapes, drops and steps. There are some brands out there that make flexible bands and scratch resistant lenses perfect for any child from toddler to elementary school.

Although it offers full frame/lens packages, Lensabl puts its lens replacement service front and center and comes up high in search results when Googling "lens replacement." Its motto is "Your frames, our lenses," with prices starting at $77 for buying a basic pair of single-vision lenses. A pair of tinted sunglasses lenses starts at $97. The budget new lens options are decent enough, but it does make a difference (in terms of sharpness and clarity) to step up to lenses more in the $150-plus range.

Love my bamboo Panda Monroe sunglasses! They are super light-weight, comfortable, and just plain cool-looking. I've gotten lots of compliments on them, and you can also feel good knowing your purchase also supports a good cause.

I used to think of sunglasses as disposable - they were uncomfortable, they broke, and I would buy them three pair at a time at the drugstore. But I have not bought a new pair in more than a year now, because my Panda sunglasses are the only ones I wear. They are so lightweight, and they actually fit my big head, since the site told me which ones were best for us big-headed people! I keep them in the cool bamboo case, I make sure NEVER to lose them - which is easy since they are so comfortable I never take them off. These are the best pair of sunglasses ever.

I have both the watch and sunglasses. The quality is high. The sunglasses don't give me a headache because they are so light, and the watch doesn't make me sweat or irritate my skin like most jewelry. Yet the material is strong and seemingly quite durable. They feel and look great on. Also, its fun to field questions when observant people notice that there's something different about your watch/sunglasses. I'm into being creative with my choices and don't buy things often. When I saw these pieces made of quickly renewable resources that are also stylish and minimal, I knew it was my style and ordered immediately. Don't regret it at all. Also, the customer support is very responsive and helpful. Highly recommend. Would also make a great gift.

You will definitely be in love when you have them. Have 2 pairs of panda sunglasses and it was so light weight. When I bought the 2nd time, there's a problem they made sure that it was totally resolve. Specifically first things first why I bought glasses on this brand is... I loved being simple and mostly I helped others to have their own. Making others happy, will make you more happier. ___

I absolutely love my panda sunglasses! They go with every outfit and work for any occasion. I get compliments all the time! The beautiful case they came with was a definite bonus. I have owned my sunglasses for 3 years now and they still look brand new, even with how incredibly clumsy I am with them. I will definitely be a loyal customer for life!

Panda is the original bamboo sunglass company. We are leading experts in developing the world's best wooden sunglasses. Each pair is handcrafted from high-quality FSC certified, natural bamboo. Our lenses are polarized against glare and provide top-level UVA/UVB protection.

Others make their wooden sunglasses from one layer of wood. This makes their frames fragile and breakable. Panda uses several layers of bamboo to ensure incredible durability. This innovative process carefully cross-weaves and forges each layer together.

Pandas are 100% waterproof. Plus these fashionable bamboo sunglasses float! Wear them wherever life takes you! Enjoy your favorite water activities (swimming, boating, fishing, kayaking, surfing) without the worry!

For each pair of Panda sunglasses purchased, we give a pair of prescription glasses and provide a medical eye exam to someone in need. With your support today you are helping us change lives, one sunglass at a time. Learn more about our Gift of Vision project.

Join our Tribe of happy customers from all around the world. From the highest quality sunglasses to our world-class customer service, we are confident you will love the Panda experience. See what others have to say in our review section.

We always put the customer first and offer free or upgraded shipping options all around the world. Try out the sunglasses for up to 60 days to see if you absolutely love them. If not, we offer hassle-free returns. Unsure of which style is best? You can reach our stylist team here. 041b061a72


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