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Miles Scott

Sony Yeds 18 Test Cd

A test CD is a compact disc containing tracks of musical and technical tests and demonstrations. Most of the tracks are made of electronic signals and pure frequencies. The purpose of these specialized compact discs is to make accurate tests and calibrate audio equipment.

sony yeds 18 test cd

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Recently it stopped playing any discs. I spoke to various "technicians" who suggested that I try the initialisation step which didn't work and suggesting it was a failed laser etc.I tracked down the fault to a broken ribbon cable connecting the laser to the drive unit. Having replaced this the player would play cds but nothing else. The cd and dvd laser work, the focussing mechanism works, etc.Long and short of the story is that I now need someone with the reference discs: DVD reference disc:Single LayerTDV-520CS0 (J-2501-236-A) (NTSC) orHLX-503 (J-6090-069-A) (NTSC) orHLX-504 (J-6090-088-A) (NTSC)Dual LayerTDV-540C (J-2501-235-A) (NTSC, Opposite) orHLX-501 (J-6090-071-A) (NTSC) orHLX-505 (J-6090-089-A) (NTSC)Note: Use the NTSC test disc also for PAL model.CD reference disc:LUV-P01 (4-999-032-01) orYEDS-18 (3-702-101-01) orPATD-012 (4-225-203-01)

Can you provide me details of a sony repair centre within travelling distance of north london willing to take on the work and has the discs if they can't find any other problem or need to replace the laser.

Se procede (velocidad x1) a realizar (grabadora de CDs). copia de la información del Cd-test de Sony en el Hi-space Carbón. Programa de copia Clon-Cd. Solo con el objetivo de servir de misma fuente de información para comparar los datos.

La presente comparación se basa en los resultados ofrecidos por dos mecánicas de suma precisión. Por tanto, la efectividad de la prueba es aun mayor. Ante los datos mostrados se podría pensar que no existe diferencia alguna objetiva. Por tanto, con el presente test desde un punto de vista métrico no existe diferencia alguna entre ambos discos.

The early promotional CDs were used at audio shows, press conferences, or in-store demos, and were also given to radio stations and music reviewers. Some of these early promo CDs are hard to come by today, especially in good condition. It would seem that many people exhaustively tested those durability claims in the early years.


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