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Marjam Kali Pattukal Lyrics Pdf Downloadgolkes

Marjam Kali Pattukal Lyrics Pdf Downloadgolkes

Marjam Kali Pattukal is a traditional song and dance form of Kerala, a state in South India. It is performed by the Syrian Christian community, especially during weddings and feasts. The word "marjam" means "Mary" in Malayalam, the language of Kerala, and refers to the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. The word "kali" means "play" or "dance", and the word "pattukal" means "songs". Therefore, Marjam Kali Pattukal can be translated as "songs and dances in praise of Mary".

The origin of Marjam Kali Pattukal is not clear, but some historians believe that it was influenced by the Portuguese missionaries who came to Kerala in the 16th century. They introduced Christian hymns and musical instruments, such as violin, harmonium, and tabla, to the local people. The Syrian Christians adapted these elements to their own culture and created Marjam Kali Pattukal, which combines Malayalam lyrics, Christian themes, and folk tunes. The songs narrate the life and miracles of Jesus Christ, the apostles, and the saints, as well as the history and traditions of the Syrian Christian community.

marjam kali pattukal lyrics pdf downloadgolkes

Marjam Kali Pattukal is performed by a group of men and women who form a circle around a lighted lamp or a cross. They wear white clothes and hold colorful handkerchiefs or umbrellas. They sing in chorus and move in a clockwise direction, following the rhythm of the music. The leader of the group sings the first line of each verse, and the rest repeat it. Sometimes, the leader also improvises new verses on the spot. The songs are accompanied by musical instruments, such as violin, harmonium, tabla, chenda (a type of drum), and elathalam (a type of cymbal).

Marjam Kali Pattukal is a rich and diverse form of art that reflects the faith and culture of the Syrian Christian community in Kerala. It is also a source of entertainment and joy for the participants and the audience. However, due to modernization and urbanization, Marjam Kali Pattukal is losing its popularity and relevance among the younger generation. Many people are unaware of its history and significance, and some even consider it outdated and boring.

Fortunately, there are some initiatives to revive and preserve Marjam Kali Pattukal as a living tradition. For example, some churches and cultural organizations conduct workshops and competitions to teach and promote Marjam Kali Pattukal among the youth. Some websites and social media platforms also provide online resources and platforms to share and learn Marjam Kali Pattukal. One such resource is Marjam Kali Pattukal Lyrics Pdf Downloadgolkes, which is a file that contains the lyrics of various Marjam Kali Pattukal songs in Malayalam and English.

By downloading Marjam Kali Pattukal Lyrics Pdf Downloadgolkes, you can appreciate the rich heritage and diversity of Malayalam folk music and Christian culture. You can also share this file with your friends and family who might be interested in learning more about these songs. You can find the link to download Marjam Kali Pattukal Lyrics Pdf Downloadgolkes at [SoundCloud]. Alternatively, you can also read some articles about Marjam Kali Pattukal at [Zzonefit] or [Weebly].


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