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Miles Scott
Miles Scott

Truebug Php Obfuscator Crack

People will offer you obfuscators, but no amount of obfuscation can prevent someone from getting at your code. None. If your computer can run it, or in the case of movies and music if it can play it, the user can get at it. Even compiling it to machine code just makes the job a little more difficult. If you use an obfuscator, you are just fooling yourself. Worse, you're also disallowing your users from fixing bugs or making modifications.

Truebug Php Obfuscator Crack

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See our SD Thicket PHP Obfuscator for an obfuscator that works just fine with arbitrarily large sets of pages. It operates primarily by scrambling identifier names. With modest to large applications, this can make the code extremely difficult to understand, which is the entire purpose.

It doesn't waste any energy on "eval(decode(encodedprogramcode))" schemes, which a lot of PHP "obfuscators" do [these are "encoder"s, not "obfuscator"s], because any clod can find that call and execute the eval-decode himself and get the decoded code.


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