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mahito and yuji enter the underground tunnels. they find junpei, who admits he's cursed. mahito asks if he can make a binding vow, but junpei refuses. nanami and yuji then enter the tunnels. mahito is surprised that yuji didn't notice nanami's mark. mahito reveals that nanami's mark gives her special powers and that she's the one in charge of the investigation. yuji and nanami are shocked and nanami apologizes for not telling them. yuji and nanami leave mahito to go back.

mahi ru de sukun mp3 free 13

the group reunites with their leader, kamio, who has identified a new mountain where the demonic forces of the underworld are gathering. they also find a new mortal who has come forward with information on a group of people who are apparently hunting them. they head for this mountain, which appears to be a hollowed out volcano. yuji is the first to enter, followed by the rest of the group. nanami stays behind as a lookout, while ijichi and mahito stay with her. mahito tells her that he's with her and won't let anyone hurt her. he also gives her the super nani to protect her.

mahito finds a small temple inside the mountain that he believes is used by the jujutsu sorcerers. when yuji tries to follow him, mahito gives him a lesson in how to work with jujutsu in order to defend himself. he then goes inside and finds a group of people with an evil spirit attached to them. they are killed by yuji, who then frees the spirit from the souls of the dead. he then warns the group of the demonic forces about to attack them and sends them on their way, allowing mahito and his group to escape.

yuji and mahito take some time to talk about the strange things that happened with mahito. yuji warns mahito that he doesn't know what he's getting into by showing up, since the other jujutsu sorcerers have started to abandon their base. mahito has decided to help out yuji because yuji has saved his life twice and he trusts yuji. mahito suggests that yuji and nanami can stay at his place. yuji responds that he can't hide his presence from someone like mahito, adding that they could be leaving together. mahito agrees to stay, with yuji, nanami, and ijichi taking the rest of the night off.


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