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Fall Guys'ı Hemen İndir ve Blunderdome'da Eğlen - PC, PS4 ve Xbox Uyumlu

It's a Knockout, a game show forcing contestants to dress up in oversized costumes, inspired the idea that the characters should "have that element of being completely uniquely, badly designed for the task that we were gonna put them through".[77] The ragdoll physics is deliberate, to avoid "hyper athletic Ninja Warrior characters" and because "falling over is funny".[77] According to Walsh, striking the right balance between funny ragdoll collisions and game performance was critical, because "as soon as you lose the ragdoll-ness of the character, you lose the comedy".[81] The character designs were inspired by the look of vinyl toys.[85]

fall guys indir

On 11 October 2022, the hashtag #savefallguys started trending on Twitter.[135][136] This was to get Mediatonic's attention and ask the company to fix numerous problems that fans have had with the game including lack of round variety, bugs, sub par events, prices in the in-game shop, how skill based matchmaking is implemented, and more.[137][138] On 15 November 2022, the Fall Guys Twitter account stated that in order for the game to stay stable, some rounds will be "vaulted" and rounds will be rotated in and out of the vault.[114] Fans criticized this move citing how removing pre existing rounds doesn't help anything and makes the game lose its replayability. This sparked another hashtag, #unvaultfallguys starting on 20 January 2023.[139]

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