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Buy Dodge

Obtaining the dodge unit requires that the player has made it through their first bounty. After defeating 9-Torg and returning home (and maybe stabbing Gene), the player will be directed to collect on their bounty. The machine that Gene has set up in the living room can be interacted with at this point. Once the bounty is cashed, it will grant the player 1000 pesos which is exactly the amount needed to purchase the Dodge Unit.

buy dodge

Buying the dodge unit is relatively simple. Upon entering the pawn shop, the unit will be behind the counter and against the wall directly ahead. Simply however the cursor over it and the option to purchase will become available.

Once the unit is installed, it will immediately allow the player to begin using its functions. The dodge unit is essentially a movement booster. It can go in any direction and can even be used while jumping, making those hard to reach spots a bit more feasible. It relies on a fuel meter which will show its gauge on screen when the unit is in use. The meter replenishes itself over time. Unfortunately, no major celebrity cameos voice the dodge unit, but this silent upgrade is still bound to assist.

Once the dodge unit is in hand, feel free to leave the shop or browse around. Most of the items are unobtainable on account of the owner being a bit of a hoarder, but there are some trinkets that may be worth buying or at least putting on the wishlist for when the player has more pesos. 041b061a72


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