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We are getting close to the point of no return. We cannot be like children who won't change thier behavior until it's too late and they get into trouble. This is not a situation where we get a bunch of "chances" to make up for what we've done to this planet. Changes must be made globally and the "powers to be" need to broaden thier thinking and thier priorities. If that doesn't happen, we will soon reap what we've sewed for all of these years of Big Business determining our fate.

It appears that existing nuke plants will all be mothballed in 50 years due to a lack of fuel sources. Why build more? Why pretend that nuclear is the "power of the future?" Why ignore this fact when discussing nuclear energy? Why invest billions in a technology that has no future?

I think that people should not be deterred from Nuclear Power as a source of energy. Nuclear Power is dependable, clean, and has less carbon output during the total life-cycle of a facility than wind and solar. Nuclear power facilities of current designs are able to be almost automated; if no one was at the facility, they would shutdown by themselves. With concerns to waste, the current amount of Nuclear Waste, from all the reactors in the US, would fill that of a football field a yard deep. The Yucca Mountain would be able to handle that capacity and much more for future years. Current storage is located at the plants themselves, securely. I would encourage people to research this more, as when I started, I didn't know the 'whole' facts.Nuclear is a "yes" and a necessity.

We do not need more nukes. Despite the campaign to paint them green by those who stand to profit from their construction, there is nothing green about them, especially uranium fueled plants. One can make a better case for thorium fueled plants, a much safer alternative. But if you factor in the cost of storing and maintaining storage on spent fuel for thousands of years, uranium fueled reactors are the most expensive electricity available. And they are not safe. What more evidence is needed to make that point? Mining the uranium is highly destructive to the environment, processing it into fuel creates an enormous waste problem, and there is no way to safely store spent fuel. And the accidents that we have seen in no way approach the worst case scenarios that can occur with a nuclear plant. Even "The ChIna Syndrome" does not portray a worst case scenario. It's quite possible for a reactor to melt down the core and become a permanent nuclear volcano, spewing radioactivity into the environment for hundreds of years, a very possible outcome to the situation in Fukushima. And despite the claims of the nuclear industry, they have a very poor track record. The Hanford plant area in Washington is a nuclear superfund site. Rancho Seco in Sacramento was so poorly designed and built that it spent more time off line than on and the spent fuel is still on the site with no permanent storage solution available. Three Mile Island is a permanent memorial to bad design and poor maintenance practices. There was another small experimental reactor in Idaho that malfunctioned and killed the operators in 1961. And don't even think about Chernobyl, a disaster whose ongoing effects on the environment are still being assessed. The only thing nuclear energy has created that is good is the selflessness of those who died in trying to control the disasters.

Yes nuclear power should be used as a source of energy if the US is to achieve energy independence and energy costs are to remain reasonable for consumers. Although solar and wind should also be used, no one should be disillusioned that these sources can produce enough energy to replace coal, gas and nuclear facilities. Since we all take risks in our everyday life it should be recognized that Nuclear has a far superior safety record in terms of casulties than airline and automobile travel. So the benefits of nuclear far outweigh the risk.The Nuclear industry in the US will most certainly review the lessons learned in Japan for possible application to US reactors.

With nuclear terror upon us, I think the gut reaction is to say no, we should not be using nuclear power for energy. But the pro-nukes are going to argue that there is no viable alternative. Today, March 16th, 2011, yes they are right. Nuclear power is massive scale power. But, nuclear power plants are susceptible to damage and destruction, by forces of nature that seem to be becoming ever more powerful and severe. We've had historic earthquakes across the globe. Is anyone paying attention? The ring of fire is on fire! Just because there isn't an immediate alternative doesn't mean there isn't an alternative. That's why large scale solar thermal power plants should be massively funded and put into operation in a large scale way. Take a company like BrightSource Energy. They are in the process of building a solar electric field that will power 700,000 or 800,000 homes. Yes, it is located in desert lands. Yes, there are tortoises that have to be moved to new locations. But, this is clean energy. We will never have to worry about nuclear radiation exposure, cancer, death. This technology invovles the sun, which last time we checked isn't going anywhere, and no one owns the sun's rays, as in we don't have to be dependent on foriegn countries in the Middle East who own oil fields. This technology invovles heating up liquid, water, until it become super heated steam and then sending through a well established technology called a steam turbine engine. Similar if not the same steam turbine engines that power nuclear energy. Only the power source is drastically different. One nuclear, a killer if not contained. The other, solar, what could happen? In an earthquake, some mirrors break, glass falls to the ground. A tsunami hits, the mirror field gets washed away. These are not death ridden tragedies. The only reason the US govt is not going all out on solar is because the funding is hard to get, and the land is hard to get. President Obama is all for solar energy. But the agency that manages land can not clear enough of it for solar electric energy to become a big player. People need to make their voices heard. We need to revolution. We need to give up on nuclear and even fossil based fuels and energies and put everything we've got into solar electric. Now. While we still have a chance to save our planet.

We should NOT continue to use nuclear power plants to generate energy. Has everyone forgotten that we still have no safe method to store and dispose of spent nuclear material or other radioactive materials? What new catastrope needs to occur before we realize that contingencies for every possible problem can NOT be planned for. It is simply not possible to plan for ALL possible problems. History has proven that even the so-called experts have not been able to accomplish this.Let's take the billions of dollars used to run and build nuclear power plants, and spend it on environmentally safe power generation facilities.I say that a ballot question be placed on the next major election, asking the U.S. population about their choice.

The type of nuclear fission power we have today may still be needed for reliable baseload power for a while. But there is a better type of nuclear power being worked on which is fusion. If the plant in Japan was a fusion plant, the only issue would have been a repair bill. It makes sense to accelerate fusion development, since that would end the world's energy concerns forever. But in the mean time, more than a decade ago, I have seen a demo nulcear fission plant that can suffer a complete coolant loss without melting down. It is a pellet reactor where the uranium fuel is encased inside silicon balls. Why aren't new power plants using this design?

Nuclear and coal are completely irresponsible. They do not have the technology for proper disposal and what remains pollutes. I am aware the general public thinks of the moment versus the future, but I would like my evolving generations to have a healthy safe planet. There is a big huge round ball in the sky that provides all the energy we need and we have the ability to harness it. We simply have no excuses to be this irresponsible or take unnecessary risks using nuclear power. If you are willing to risks your families health or lives just because you think it is a good idea then I am thankful you are not my family! 041b061a72


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