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Carter Roberts
Carter Roberts

Chimica Un Approccio Molecolare Pdf File

Recently one of our newest (and most talented) members had his model (see thread here ) stolen and someone was attempting to sell it on Turbosquid. Chimica un approccio molecolare pdf to word. After they were notified of this situation (about three weeks ago) I was just notified that this model has been removed from their site by one of their 'Copyright & Trademark Infringement investigators'. Don't know if the scoundrel managed to actually sell any of his stolen goods, or what action was or might be taken against him (they mentioned possible legal action several times), but was just wondering if anyone else here has experienced a similar situation. I know that this is somewhat of a gray area, since anyone is free to download a model from our Warehouse unless restrictions are placed when it was uploaded (not downloadable at all or only by invitation), and I am not sure if there is anything one can do to prevent a downloaded model from being easily exploited (not being able to explode the model or something along those lines?), I thought I would throw it out here to see what anyone might have to say about the situation. Oddly enuf, I myself was just recently notified in a comment left for one of my models in the Warehouse that someone had posted my model on another site and claimed it as their own.

Chimica Un Approccio Molecolare Pdf File

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